dharohar emboss

Kalpataru Group's table calendar is much awaited by their stakeholders.

As an extension of its corporate philosophies and values, the emphasis has always been on themes and concepts that promote and celebrate different forms of Indian culture. Here’s a glimpse of calendars designed and illustrated over the years.

DHAROHAR : Indian legacy : 2010

SUMANGAL : Painted prayers of folk India : 2011 

DEVADRUMA : Divine Forest Splendour : 2012

SWAPNA SHRINKHLA : Dreams of a divine arrival : 2013

Concept, Illustration, packaging and designed exclusively for print publication.

dharohar of British raj
dharohar of islamic sultanates
dharohar of satvahanas
thermography for shankh to imitate rice
foiling on lippan kaam kamal to imitate
glow in the dark leaves on kalamkari kal
devadruma aam
devadruma Palash
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