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A membrane by nature gives support, shape and definition and is yet invisible. This is the functional role of good design to us. 


A consortium of creatives, we believe in strong narratives that bring soul to any piece of communication. We are glad to have collaborated  in the past with talented individuals and firms. This gives us the flexibility to make a team suitable for each project.

Designmembrane was founded in 2007 by Swati Chandak Sharma, an alumnus of the National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad, India. Early in her career as an undergraduate in applied arts, she dappled with advertising to truly find her passion in visual communication. She has worked with clients ranging from corporates to NGOs to private individuals alike.

"Swati's creativity comes from her innate sense of style and design. It was a pleasure working with her on my book - Make Me Happy Salads."
-Zarine Jalil Menon, Author
"Swati is very creative, has distinct ideas and also keeps her time commitments. I enjoy working with her as she is quick to grasp the brief and is a positive person."
-Shibani Dasgupta Jain, Founder & CEO, Baaya Design